Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today is an obvious day to think of mom a lot and an even more obvious one to miss her a lot.  I have a lot of good memories about mother's day mornings.   We would of course always make mom breakfast in bed, which was never very good or well planned.  It usually consisted of whatever we had in the fridge and cabinets, but the biggest part for me was always trying to surprise her.  She of course always knew it was coming and was usually already awake and pretending to still sleep because she knew it meant so much to us...well at least to me (I remember getting a little mad at her once when I caught her in her bathroom before we had come in with the breakfast).  She always acted so excited and like the food was so delicious and special... even when we were in High School.  We always got her such stupid presents--usually knick-knack things she didn't really need, but she always loved them.  I do think we sincerely made her happy the Mother's Day that we replaced all the lights that went around the mirror in her bathroom and wrote a messages on the mirror that said, "You light up our lives, so we are lighting up yours"  (cheesy, I know), but she loved it and was honestly surprised.  Those lights were always burnt out and since they were a special type of bulb, it was not something my mom ever had time to get around to.  I was also pretty proud that I had managed to sneak into her bathroom after she went to sleep and put in all the new light bulbs.   I knew at the time we were doing something thoughtful, but looking back on it now, I can only imagine how nice it would be for your kids to do something like that for you.   

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