Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mom loved Donuts and loved getting them as a special treats for us kids on Sundays after Church.  Until recently, all the nearby Dunkin Donuts had closed, which made us all very sad since it was our favorite (although Mom also loved Safeway's as well).  We Taber children were thrilled to realize that the Dunkin Donuts on Thomas between 40th and 44th recently reopened... and with a drive-thru no less!  I went through this past Saturday and got an assorted box (but I had to ask for some Boston Cremes) and then took them over to Em's house to share with her kids.  Jimmy was very excited about it as were the Burch kids and Emily made a point to remind them that Nona loved Donuts to which  Finn responded, "I love donuts!" and we told him he must have gotten it from his grandmother who has passed the love onto us all.  We like to celebrate special days like Mom's birthday with donuts, so to all of you out there reading this, try to think of our mom whenever you eat a donut from now on.

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