Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a present for heaven

Today is a hard day to remember for all of us kids and I never really know how to approach it.  What can I do to make sure I am remembering, but at the same time not allow myself to get too sad?  I don't even know how to bring it up with people because it feels awkward and I don't know just what to say.  Jimmy and I talked to Erin on the computer this morning and we thought we should all eat a donut in honor of mom.  Coincidentally, Jimmy has been getting better at drawing these days and he especially likes making circles.  He started drawing circles inside of circles on my birthday card and I told him it looked like donuts.  Now we add frosting and sprinkles to them as well.  So we thought we would send this via "Angel Mail" to heaven to let Nona know we are thinking of her today.  Since I don't actually know how to do that outside of trying it to a white dove and letting it go into the sky, I thought if I put it on this blog that it might get there via the internet since surely they can get that in heaven. 

Hope to talk to you all at some point today, if I don't see you.  I know we have not kept up with our ideas for this blog and I really want to start up again.  Let's try to get it ready to share with the family by Mom's next birthday if we can.  To start us off again, here is a photo of all of us where hopefully none of us look too embarrassing.  What a great family!

We miss you Mom! 
Love you all!  ~Mary

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