Monday, April 20, 2009

favorite stories...

my favorite story is one we all know well.  It is the infamous day when mom woke us up on a friday (school day) morning, and asked us if we wanted to go to school, or to disneyland.  and mary said school (because she is crazy, but that is beside the point) and mom said that we were going to skip school and go to disneyland!  yay, we were all so excited.  
not to mention, that this was only one of many trips that we got to take to disneyland as kids.  mom always made a special effort to take family vacations from trips to del mar to our fun summers at the tyler place.  she really wanted us to have fun memories like the ones that she cherished from her summers at rocky point.  

so, while I am at it, I am going to bullet point a few other memories that we can put in more detail at a later date:

- mom playing catch with danny (will clark) in the front yard

- mom getting dan majerle's (had to google the spelling) autograph on a suns trading card that she happened to have in her purse

- mom falling asleep in random places like church and the orthodontist's office
- mom being a picky eater

- mom slow-jogging places instead of walking

- mom winning the sedona tennis tournament with pete when most people in her condition probably would not have played

- letting us build forts and leave them up for days in the living room

- letting us have ditch-days from school

- always letting us use her car even if she needed it - and one time meg found her walking to the bus stop to go to work because she had loaned one of us the car

- always throwing fun st. patrick's day parties, like the time we had a mini-carnival in the backyard

- never buying herself new clothes or new anything - tons of her clothes were hand-me-downs from friends, and most of our furniture came from someone else as well

- the way she always made christmas morning so special (dad too)

- how excited she got about big sporting events

- the time that she and danny and I went to the diamondbacks 
world series game to watch on the big screen outside the stadium just because she wanted to be in the mix, but then ended up getting tickets from someone selling them outside

- how she used to sing "you are my sunshine" to us when we were little

- how she always sat outside on the back porch early in the morning to cough because that was when it was the worst

- she was always so genuinely excited about whatever each of us kids was doing and she was always so excited to hear our voices on the phone after we girls had gone away to college

- how she loved 
ricky nelson

well, that is lot, but once you get on a roll it is hard to stop.  please feel free to add to any of these.  I just thought I would write them down as they were coming to me.

I agree with mary that it is important to keep track of these things and to hear what other people remember.  it is a nice way to keep mom in our thoughts and as part of our everyday lives.  

I love you all very much!

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